dan staveley photography

dan staveley photography

This project was a Arts Council of Wales funded research and development grant, we wanted to experiment with the idea of generating images on the mobile phone then printing them on to silver paper using traditional darkroom techniques. Peter Finnemore kindly gave his time to help edit and give feed back on the process as we developed different ideas. An exhibition was held in Carmarthen School of Art Jobswell campus of the final results.

Working under a sole identity, iPigeon are an artist collaboration formed by photographers Daniel Staveley and Huw Alden Davies with a contrast of photographic skill sets, dedicated to exploring visual concepts and theory through traditional and contemporary processes, which inform both their professional, and teaching practice. 


Inspired by the concept of cultural manifestation and social phenomena, Davies and Staveley’s ongoing project, entitled ‘Hygrids’, explores the boundaries of social perceptions in the shift of technological advances. Driven by the development of iPigeon’s photographic process (self dubbed the “Hygrid Process”) utilizing a mixture of photographic mediums ranging from silver based papers to mobile technology, Davies and Staveley are interested in creating artworks that challenge convention.

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