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Inner Landscapes 

This work is a response to the way individuals experience a shared reality, how everyone interprets data from their senses in their own unique way to come to complete opposite opinions. Also, how mass media affects the discourse and how it creates massive waves of thought across cultures. As beings on this planet we continuously redefine the term truth, moving the discourse from one extreme to another, created to support our own narrative and protect the ego. Bent and shaped through the lens of this consumerist/survival of the fittest environment, being alive at this time we have to live with a continued change, movement and abuse of the idea of truth, creating over recent years an environment of negativity with the loss of communication and positive, creative discussion. This has left me rather disillusioned and feeling outside of the democratic process.  

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Working under an sole identity, iPigeon are an artist collaboration formed by photographers Daniel Staveley and Huw Alden Davies with a contrast of photographic skillsets, dedicated to exploring visual concepts and theory through traditional and contemporary processes, which inform both their professional, and teaching practice.