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A renewal through natural process of body, mind, place, culture or society, regeneration is a concept integral to all things. It is physical, spiritual, and genetic. It is growth, revival, or restoration; it is improvement, a change - for the better; it is an evolution, or transition from old to new. Even more, it is considered essential.   


Combining a contrast of three very different photographic projects, Regeneration by Daniel Staveley and Huw Alden Davies is an exhibition of photographs offering an alternative and dichotic perspective of Welsh culture through an amalgamation of both fine art and documentary photography, which attempts to celebrate some of its diverse characteristics in its transitional phase.   


Individual Project Statements:


Its Happening now

Daniel Staveley


This series of images detail the changing narrative of Swansea city. Staveley is aware of the polorising views, opinions, needs, demands and expectations from large scale developments. These images show from his perpective, a new positive feeling running through High Street, the acknowledgement of the creative industries to provide a new way of exploring and experiencing the city, but also the choas of many voices and sentiments around such huge projects.



Huw Alden Davies


Exploring the lines of visual and written narrative, Huw Alden Davies’ first publication is a detailed portrait that forms a dramatic, and often humorous study of the artist’s father, a bi-product of a generation and his slanted views of the world.

Known as Prince, John Alden Davies has been recognised by this namesake for most of his life. By his friends, his family and by all that have met him, and although to him this was simply a name, to a boy (the artist) with little knowledge or care in the world, this was colossal. To him, his father was royalty, a hero like Prince Adam of Eternia (except without a ‘Battle Cat’ or a sword).

In an attempt to reconnect with this childhood notion and curious adulation, Davies records the essence of a man and his eccentricities in creating an intricate depiction, while exploring the physiological and cultural elements that inform the image that should have once been his role model.





Working under a sole identity, iPigeon are a artist collaboration formed by photographers Daniel Staveley and Huw Alden Davies with a contrast of photographic skill sets, dedicated to exploring visual concepts and theory through traditional and contemporary processes, which inform both their professional, and teaching practice.


Inspired by the concept of cultural manifestation and social phenomena, Davies and Staveley’s ongoing projects explore the boundaries of social perceptions in the shift of technological advances. Driven by the development of photographic processes utilizing a mixture of photographic mediums ranging from silver based papers to mobile technology, Davies and Staveley are interested in creating artworks that challenge convention.


Exploring ideas based loosely on current social and cultural events Davies and Staveley’s large-scale photographs are an unorthodox and paradoxical display of visual dialect using pixelation and silver technology. Employing a range of methods these works attempt to reflect and question the impact of the modern world, while examining the impetus of technological influence and immediacy.

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